Saturday, August 26, 2006

The hedge is chopped!

Trefor and his workmates were back again yesterday morning. I took this photo just as they started work.

The field as the final phase of work on the hedge begins

And this is what the field looks like now they've finished. I suspect the owners of the houses at the bottom of the field won't be too happy with the result, but I am ecstatic - I can actually see boats on the sea again, been watching four of the Seabirds out racing this afternoon.

And now the work is finished!

I had completely forgotton what the "proper" view was like. It's strange to see the sudden fall away of the ground, with my vestibular problem I feel almost as if I'm going to fall down the field and straight into the sea if I don't hang on to something!

It's going to be great watching the racing next year (hope the trees don't grow back too quickly!). I didn't get to see any of the starts or finishes this year as the only way I could see that far was to climb the steps in the hedge... And I've had too many falls off those steps to want to risk that unless John builds me some sort of hand rail.


IndigoShirl said...

Wow, what a beautiful view you have. These things mean so much when the rest of you feels like jelly and you have cotton wool in your head that won't stop aching.

No to mention the balance that makes you feel like you are constantly walking up a heaving deck at sea!

Honey, I know how you feel.

My very Best Wishes

Shirl..... :~)

EmmaGx said...

Wow, that really makes a difference! ... of course the beautiful sky in the second one probably helps! ... hope it doesn't all grow back too quick! ... we really should get our "hedge" sorted out sometime soon!

Tim Brunsden said...

Lovely View - this looks almost like Hillbury Island - I visited that last year. was amazing.