Friday, August 25, 2006

The Abersoch Chainsaw Hedgeacre

This is what the bottom of the field looked like yesterday morning.

The Abersoch Chainsaw Hedgeacre 1

Yesterday they came and began to top the trees. Began by taking off all the lower side branches, then a chap with a chainsaw got into the bucket on the front of the tractor and was lifted up to cut off the higher branches. They are leaving them around 7 foot high (at a guess) which is just an amazing improvement.

I took a stroll down to the bottom of the field (well, more of a slow stagger actually!) to take the rubbish down to the bins. Took my camera too, so here's some close up shots of the work in progress.

The Abersoch Chainsaw Hedgeacre 3

The Abersoch Chainsaw Hedgeacre 4

The Abersoch Chainsaw Hedgeacre 6

By the time they'd finished in the evening the whole of this side of the trees had been lopped down, and they'd started on the lower field.

Hedge in the evening

The difference really is amazing. Can actually see the Moorings from the field now. How I wish this had been done 3 weeks ago so I could have followed the Seabird races. Ah well, lets hope the trees haven't grown up too much by this time next year.

The Rivals

As I was getting ready to barbie in the evening I heard a strange sound in the sky, and looked up to see the motor-parachute again. A very strange vehicle! The driver? pilot? has a motor with a big fan behind him, rather like the ones you get on those boats in the Florida Everglades, though possible not quite as big.

Two fliers

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Anonymous said...

Good on you for posting about CFS/ME and NICE, Maggie!
In USA, CDC has just declared CFS a real illness. The NIH (I think) gave $4 million too - or $4 per US CFS patient. Foul!
The funny plane is an ultralight, I think; people use them to watch for crop circles, among other things.