Monday, May 22, 2006

Sarah's garden

Saturday May 13

Spent far too much money at the garden centre near Sarah's - mind you, I did get a nice comfy pair of lined gardening gloves as well as some nice plants. It's on the side of a railway bridge, so has lots of terraces and little paths climbing the side of the railway. Met a little girl with her granny and Mum playing hide and seek in the maze of narrow pathways. :-)

Got a little Acer, jasmine, and a load of succulents for a pan at the caravan (actually the top of one of those pot-bellied barbecues that the legs broke on). It was beginning to look a bit untidy last year, so it'll be nice to replant it. Think we're going down to Bwlchtocyn Whit weekend, but not if the weather's as foul as it is today!

Some of my purchases from the Garden Centre

Last year's morning glories seeded profusely, I harvested some and planted some (soaked and just starting to sprout) seeds to grow on. I took some down for Sarah, at least 3 had sprouted by the time we left. Meanwhile we hauled last year's glories pot back to the front of the house and I planted about half the sweet peas out in it, after forking it up well and adding some organic fertilizer. Now I have loads of glories coming up in that pot too! I shall transplant them to small pots as they get big enough to handle - assuming the rain stops for long enough!

Astilbe and mixed pot...

But to get back to Sarah's garden... She bought a couple of really nice bronze coloured ceramic pots, and some really super plants. We had taken down a hosta that we had grown on from an offset last year, so that was planted up with some ferns - all like a similar shady and (hopefully) damp spot. May not survive if there's a drought, but not too bad to water just a couple of pots that happen to be outside the kitchen window. All the other things were lovers of dry conditions, or will be once established.

Sarah's pink bush

This is a Leptospermum. I figure it will manage without much water as it has very tiny, needle-like leaves. Once it has bedded down I hope it will get by without having to be watered much or at all. Much weeding went on before this could be planted!

Gardeners in action!

Sarah did the deep dig weeding - they have a lot of bindweed. Here's a good chunk of root that Sarah has managed to get out. But more comes every day!

EEEEK bindweed roots!

Of course we had very close supervision from next door's cat!

More photos are up on Flickr.

Croxted Road Garden Centre
Sarah's Garden
May 12

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Hels said...

hi Maggie

thanks for showing me your blog. I like the idea of blathering on with photos as you suggested ;0)) I could blather on for England LOL

I loved the succulent plants - they are a favourite of mine too. And the shot of your neighbour's cat up the tree. What a super picture!

Hope you get this as not done this before!

Hels from MEchat x