Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Abersoch Sunday

Seeing as it was Whit weekend we had planned to go to Abersoch, but I'm still recovering from the London visit so didn't make it. But John went down on Sunday for a day trip, and took lots of photos so I could see what (if anything!) had made it through the winter.

Abersoch Sunday

The oregano is doing well - look forward to seeing it covered in bees when it flowers. And I think that must be a hydrangea behind it, though I must admit Idon't remember still having one in a pot. The agapanthus has plenty of leaves, and one flower about to open, but John thinks there may be a further two flower spikes on the way. I think we may well try to split it this year - we meant to last year but ran out of time and weather and energy!


The agapanthus is very out of focus, but it's interesting to see the hedge in the background. I think there should be a jasmine in there somewhere, probably planted close to the bamboo stakes you can see. Looks like it didn't survive the hard winter - not only snow but hard frost - apparently the harbour began to freeze over at one point.

A few things have survived...

The bottom left hand pot is looking very sparse, but it got dug up by rabbits last year, and I didn't have the time and energy to replant it. I've bought some new succulents to plant in it this summer. The ice-plant seems to have some growth, but looks as if it might be sensible to have it out of the pot, remove the grass, and replant in some nice gritty compost.

There's lots more pics, but I feel a bit depressed by it all - I should be there planting and getting rid of more of the grass, and trying to maybe get cuttings off the things that are growing but have died back badly.

At least the plants at home are doing OK! Have 2 kinds of nasturtium, Canary creeper, possibly some Black-eyed Susan all sprouting. I have planted some Datura Ballerina Mix but it still hasn't shown any sign of sprouting... Soaked it overnight on 25 May, planted 26 May, so may well be it's just not an ultra fast grower. Besides, the other stuff all went in about a week earlier I think.

I bought in tomato seedlings - Tumbler (a bush variety, so don't need complicated stuff like taking out the side shoots), and they are doing pretty well. I did have them outside for a few days (brought in at night) but just recently it's been so windy and chilly I've kept them in since last week. Hopefully the weather is finally taking a turn for the better, so will be trying to get them acclimatised to the great outdoors! Only pics I have are over a week old, must get some of all of my seedlings if only for my records.

Tomato seedlings

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Ian said...

Hi Maggie,

I'm a fellow blogger from Liverpool (the South End) and really enjoyed reading your blog. I'm so jealous you've got a regular pitch at Abersoch. I went (camping) there for the first time (though I've been to Pwhlleli) a couple of years ago and loved it.

I do love gardening although I've only got the space for a few pot plants in my miniscule back yard. I hate 'perfect' gardens as they don't look 'real', if you know what I mean. There should always be something growing where it shouldn't, the odd weed here and there, grass in the patio cracks. It makes me feel that a garden's full of life that way. Good luck in getting down to Abersoch! Ian