Monday, February 21, 2005

Yellow Sheep Banana

The yellow sheep banana
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Liverpool is in chaos at the moment. Large areas close to the river are being rebuilt, partly in readiness for being the European Capital of Culture in 2008. The sheep banana has been here for a while now, but the rather nice chandler's building behind it has gone. And I don't think I even got a photo of it while it was still there.

I should try get out there and record what I can while it's still there. The upside is that some buildings that were hard to photograph are now much more exposed from a distance following demolition of close by buildings. The downside is that I am too exhausted most of the time to actually get there to take pictures. I am not driving at all at the mo, so weekends are my only chance, when John can drive me.

But with other commitments it's difficult. I need a personal chaffeur more often!

While lots is happening in the centre of town, I wish that the corpy would repair a few more roads - the potholes round Sefton Park are painful! John drives a totally zig-zag course around the park, must look as if he is drunk, but it's the only way to drive if you have a passenger with a bad back. And also if you want to avoid loss of hub caps!

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