Thursday, February 17, 2005

Today's tiny drawing

Hmm, not done so well today I'm afraid. Started off the day with the collywobbles, and have had gut pain most of the time. Managed to get down for the Postie though, pair of really beautiful vintage shoes from eBay (that I've felt too ill to try on yet) and my Rowan International newsletter and also latest Rowan magazine (and my free gift of a pattern for a Freda mini poncho pattern and the wool to knit it in). Rather more depressing was my latest credit card statement. I must give up my eBay habit!

I got up for about an hour, but felt so rotten I came back to bed. But I brought my drawing grid up with me, and worked on a picture of my dear friend Ginger Biscuit, who I miss very much. I worked from a photo from 2002 of him sitting in his favourite corner of the caravan. I'm not enormously happy with the result, but at least I tried! Will try a bigger picture another day maybe - found the grid square was just a bit too small, not helped by misplacing my first lines as well!

But I enjoyed the process of drawing, and that's what counts. And next time I draw him maybe I'll have learnt enough to do a bit better. I used cheap artists colouring pencils bought in Pwllheli Market. I will have to print the grid on heavier paper sometime so that I can use water or other solvents, currently it's on ordinary copier paper so won't take much re-working.

Ginger Biscuit
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