Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Book cull!

Spent afternoons yesterday and today at our old home sorting stuff to a limited extent.

After spending most of the time there yesterday sitting by a nice open fire in the living room with me feeling "carp" we decided to take a look at the books that John had brought down in 5 boxes from the bookcases in our bedroom.  After some time going through them all, we filled 2 boxes to go off to Oxfam, so now only have 3 of those boxes to come back to new home.  I kept a load of stuff that maybe I should have let go?  Neville Shute for one.  Will I ever read them again?  Doubtful.  But I don't quite feel ready to let them go yet.  Rather like my Mum's china ornaments.  Elizabeth Goudge books too.  And a few more random books!

Today those 2 book boxes went off to our local Oxfam shop, along with a box of stuff from new home too - trousers that don't fit John any more, and a couple of DVDs.  I washed the lower side windows in old home living room so I could see the sunsets better.  John will have to wash the top ones, as I can't clamber onto a ladder (or the back of the settee) these days to do them due to dizziness - apparently "mild left vestibular disorder" according to the very nice lady neurologist I saw some years ago now.

Progress is very slow!  But anything is better than nothing!

Meanwhile in a pot just outside our new home front door the lilies that we bought at the Chelsea Flower Show last year are beginning to sprout despite the cold weather.

random stuff car lily shoots 001


Rosemary Hill said...

lovely - isn't it wonderful to see the new shoots coming up?

I had a mini-clear out of books - a lot went to our local charity shop too, they do such good work in the community

Dee said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog - Dee at the Carlton.

Culling books is such a chore because I always put them out to take to the charity shop, then pick out one or two & put them back again ....