Saturday, June 06, 2009

Amazing clouds

These clouds are really amazing!

Not doing very well at the mo, just more of the same old...

House is a complete mess with all my folks stuff here. Well, we've got rid of a lot, but it all just takes so much time! Plus we still have to keep a whole load of paperwork "just in case".

We've been planting courgettes and tomatoes this week (and gazenias and lobelia), but I reckon my carefully germinated peas at the caravan will have had it over the last week as it's been pretty hot. The back yard is looking really lush. :-) Guess we'll do a bit more work in it this weekend if we don't get the heavy rain that's forecast!

Intended to go to the caravan this weekend, but have felt too ill to pack and then travel. Plan was to stay on alone while John came home to work his 3 days. Maybe next week instead!

It's very muggy here today, and I think that kind of weather is very enervating, even for healthy folks. Plus there's been thunder near (not that I've heard, was on the weather news), I find that I seem to feel kind of agitated when there's thunder around. On edge.

I don't know if it's the electricity or the air pressure, but something makes me feel very uncomfortable. And I only realise why when the storm has broken and I suddenly feel much better.

Wish we could be using our new table and chairs on the deck this weekend, but I know we'll have time to enjoy them later in the year.


A Brit in Tennessee said...

Nice to hear from you again, though hate to read you are having health issues and the weather is not helping any.
I know what you mean by not having the energy, the humidity in this region is an energy drainer, at least we have air conditioning. Would it help to get a room air conditioner ?
Lovely clouds !

Bonnie said...

Hi Maggie. I also have been feeling rather bad the last couple days. No storm though. We are in drought.

Must check your flickr again. I just added a bunch of photo's.


Sherrie Sisk said...

Wow, thanks for sharing that link of the asperatus clouds! My daughter and I agree that #s 1 and 7 were the most dramatic and lovely. Very cool to think that we might get a new cloud type!

And as for humidity -- oh, I feel your pain, literally. We live in coastal South Carolina, where the heat and humidity can kill you. It's like walking through hot pea soup, some days. On those days, I just don't go outside, period.