Sunday, July 13, 2008

Been busy and then exhausted

Thought I'd begin with a few lamb bananas.

This one is by the Mersey Tunnel ventilation shaft building.

And this is in Kensington, just up from the Royal Liverpool University Hospital.

Outside Lime Street Station entrance.

We had nearly a week away in Abersoch... Didn't make it till the Monday though. The previous week we did two test drives, and ordered a new Motability car. So we were fairly knackered after that and decided to try and have a rest day before heading for Wales.

Oh the car? Another Grand Scenic, but a diesel this time. With heated front seats, a sun roof, and a dash mounted 6 CD changer. Oh, and a rear parking sensor. If I get back to driving again I'll need it! It's going to be dark blue again, but this is much darker than my current Big Blue. Delivery mid September we hope.

The courgette plants are doing OK, and we had a tasty courgette and cheese starter for one meal.

Courgette plant

We did have some nice sunny weather, and even some warmish weather, but this is the only picture John took of me this time...

At least I have a lovely garden to look at while all bundled up in blankets!

Here's the first agapanthus flower of the year.

Agapanthus flower

Lots more flowers still to come, probably some are out already. But we were too shattered to get back to the caravan this weekend. Maybe next weekend.


EkC said...

Hehe, I like how one of your blog tags is "sheep banana." Those are some interesting sculptures...

Mary Anne said...

The sculptures are quite unique. I like the photo of your garden and glad you have it to look at even when you are bundled up.

Dame Honoria Glossop said...

I really love the lambananas! There's a green one that would go great in my garden, Lady Bracknell has a photo on her blog.

Libbys Blog said...

I saw a programme about the banana animals, there where loads, I thought what a fantastic way for people to express themselves!!!

peri said...

Love the lamb/sheepbananas much better than the awful rainbow garish giant cones that our council inflicted on us a few years back and now they are all faded they look even worse.

It is great to see you posting again - love the blanket picture, I look similar to that when we camp!

Take care & {{hugs}}