Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Day Trip to Abersoch

January has been quite a difficult month so far, but I think things are improving now.

Saturday morning we got a phone call from Harold, our landlord for the caravan pitch. He's found us a second hand caravan and wanted us to go and see it. Phone calls round all the family, and arranged to visit Sunday morning. Sunday morning Helen got here around 8am and we set off.

The new (to us) van is nice - much paler "wood" furniture than the old one, so seems much brighter inside. Nice big windows across the front, similar to how they were in the old van. (we had been put off many of the more modern vans by their small windows at the front)

2008 January caravan Abersoch 101

One double, two twin bedrooms, the twin beds can be pushed together to make double beds. The cooker looks as if it's never been used, as does the gas fire.

2008 January caravan Abersoch 081

The curtains and bedhead fabric in the bedrooms is not really what we'd have chosen, but we'll only be sleeping in there so that shouldn't be too much bother! The living room curtains are thankfully plain, a sort of burgundy colour. Upholstery in the living room is patterned and not really to our taste, but it's livable with.

2008 January caravan Abersoch 082

It's double glazed and fully insulated (that'll be a big improvement on the old van!), but hasn't got central heating. Harold will arrange for the manufacturers to install that for us.

2008 January caravan Abersoch 100

Only downside is that the loo, washbasin and shower are all in the same room. In the old van we had separate toilet with washbasin and shower room with another washbasin. But we'll fettle up the loo in the shed for emergency use, so we can live with that.

Harold gave us lunch, so we didn't get to the old van till about 2.30. Helen and John packed the kitchen stuff up and took it to Harold's shed in the next field for storage, and I packed up all the clothes and stripped the beds etc.

We left the caravan around 6pm. It was clear, and the sky was full of stars. Seemed strange to see the constellations so different to Summer nights! Cassiopea and Orion were clear, and Mars was bright above. Could make out 5 of the Pleiades (Seven Sisters). It's just fabulous to be somewhere where the night skies are dark. Can only see the occasional star from Liverpool - too much light pollution.

We still have more stuff to pack up and bring home, so John has taken a day of work on Friday, and we'll do another day trip. We can't stop over as it's the time when the caravan site is closed, and besides Sarah is coming up for the weekend and we want to see her.

24 Primroses by our caravan

Primroses growing in the bank by our caravan


Knit Nurse said...

Thanks Maggie, your slide show of the drive to Wales brought back such lovely memories for me! I lived in Penmaenmawr for a year when I was working as an engineer on the tunnel, and used to drive that route often. I try to get back to the Lleyn and Snowdonia whenever I can but it's such a long way from London! I envy you your proximity, and hope you have many happy times in your new caravan!

Anonymous said...

Great to see you're back again?
We used to take the young children from the residential nursery in Bowdon /Cheshire (where I worked 1964-1973)to Abersoch for a summer holiday

Dame Honoria Glossop said...

The new van looks lovely, hope you have happy times there.

Probably Jane said...

Hi Maggie

Good to read your news. That van looks fabulous - let's hope that we have a lovely summer for you to enjoy in it.

Libbys Blog said...

For some unknown reason there where no pics, no little red crosses just nothing in the boxes where the pics should be! Have tried twice now, but will try again later!!!!!

Digitalesse said...

Wow, Maggie, that's quite a caravan!

My sister has one outside her house for visiting relatives. When we visited recently there had been snow and it was raining continuously, not to mention cold. Thankfully we could stay in the house, but I have to admit, I was rather looking forward to having some fun in that caravan.

seahorse said...

May you have many lovely breaks there. Primroses already!

Anonymous said...

Nice Maggie and when do you get to move in?