Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Won a prize!

Just going through my email, and find that I have won a cheque for £100! Fantastic - will be able to indulge in some goodies now... Will have to give some thought as to what. How nice to have an excuse to do some cyber shopping!

Brodie cosy

Brodie looking fetching


Mary said...

An email saying you've won a cheque for £100?

Was it from some sort of royalty in Nigeria, telling you that even though you never entered a competition, your number has come up, and now they're going to send you a cheque to pay into your UK bank account...

Or do we actually know why you've won £100? In which case, woo!

/too sceptical for my own good sometimes

Dame Honoria Glossop said...

Congrats, Maggie, enjoy!

What a gorgeous picture of Brodie. I love the way cats can tuck their back feet behind their ears, bet you and I can't :)

Kahless said...

Enjoy spending the money (if its real) if not, still enjoy what you would have spent it on!!


Juggling Mother said...

congrats. I was very sceptical when a nice man phoned and told me I'd won a competition - i waited and waited and waited for the sting I was so positive it was going to come.

then a car turned up! Woo Hoo. sometimes it's real - but be very ver sure before you spend it:-)

Libbys Blog said...

Just reading the comments and I think its scary how sceptical we have become, 10 years ago any win could be taken as gospel!!!!
Enjoy your spend.
I do love your visiting kitty.

Mary said...