Monday, August 20, 2007

Went fishing...

Well, not exactly, but we did make it to Abersoch for a week.

View from the caravan

The agapanthus only had 3 flowers this year, and John managed to knock off a flower head while on a mad snail and slug hunt amongst its leaves. Sarah (elder daughter) said it was a casualty of war. ;-)

Agapanthus seed head

Took a pile of knitting but mislaid the bag till packing to come back home. Ah well! Spent more or less the whole week in a nest of our double down and feather duvet on the bunk with the best view of the field and read some books.

Corner of the patio

The garden hasn't done too well, though we did have some plants survive. But I didn't get to trim the brambles choking the shrubs beside the shed - next time hopefully! Which we hope won't be too much later, maybe mid September, time will tell I guess.

Pink flower

The lily got chewed by bunnies I think, but badly snail or slug damaged too. The leaves you see in the background are the agapanthus. The lily still smelled wonderful, and I took some time to smell the flowers.


John and "the kids" went sailing, and friends and relations called, all good fun but I slept through vast amounts of fun. I was just really shattered.

It's going to take me a while to catch up, have a lot of stuff I want to think about and then write about. Still not really got to grips with everything that's happened.


Libbys Blog said...

OO lucky you is it your caravan? The last time I went to Abersock I believe I was about 7!!!!!!!!!! I wouldn't mind a place with a view like that!I wouldn't be at home very much, I do miss the sea so much!!

Wye Sue said...

I hope you had better weather than I did in Ness... rain all weekend, only stopped as I was leaving yesterday !!
It takes a while before things fall back into place - remember happy times and they will get you through the bad times.
And if all else fails stay under the duvet with the knitting bag, coffee & chocolate....

Mary said...

It looks idyllic... glad to hear you're still in one bit, so to speak.

Knit Nurse said...

Glad to see that you got some time away. So sorry to hear about your dad, and best wishes for the months ahead.

Probably Jane said...

Lovely skies - a perfect place to restore yourself.

Hope you are feeling more rested now.

Best wishes


Mary Anne said...

It's good you have time away to rest and heal your soul. Your vacation spot is beautiful.

seahorse said...

Maggie, I'm so sorry I haven't been over here for a while. I'm very moved by your lovely photos of your Dad. Sharing memories and grief is so much better than locking it away, as I did for many years after I lost my Dad. And I love your latest photos from your holiday. I too have felt wiped out whilst away, and for a few days after returning, but I think the benefits catch up with you in the end. I hope the break gave you some much-needed time just to be. Big hug from sunny (!) Birmingham xx