Monday, January 15, 2007

Amarylis and dancing

I'm so happy, my amarylis has come into flower again this year. It's on a very tall stem, so I've only taken a picture of one flower. It's always a thrill when something you've tried to keep going flowers again!

Amarylis Jan 15 2007

A bit before Christmas I read about Tilly and the Wall. I fell in love with their music, and actually ordered their new CD and 7" vinyl. Rainbows in the Dark always makes me feel happy! So much so that I danced around the living room with John to it last night. Today I can barely walk, but the lightening of spirit that dancing brought is still with me. Must be over 15 years since I last danced!

Bad Education is one of the tracks on the vinyl (as well as on the CD). Fantastic track, flamenco stamping, the video is very in the spirit of Lola, (Kinks, Ray Davies) though very different musically.

I love anything that takes me back to The Kinks in the 60s. I remember staying with my Grandmother in Harrow around 1965. Went to visit my Great Auntie Gertie who lived in Muswell Hill, and I was thrilled to spot (from the top of a double decker bus) Ray Davies standing on a street corner. Auntie Gertie was very amused that I was so pleased to have spotted a "famous pop star", but insisted on calling The Kinks "The Creepers" for the rest of her life.

Got sidetracked there by YouTube - so many 60s bands, a delight for me of course! But one of my all time faves is Itchycoo Park by the Small Faces. Great to see it available online!

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littlemithi said...

Oh that 60s music DOES make you happy, doesn't it? Its slightly before my time, but my dad brought me up on that kind of stuff and the Kinks are definately a favourite.

Glad your flower has come into bloom - its BEAUTIFUL! Wish I had greenfingers like you!

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog - Sunshine's been down with tonsilitis, meaning very high fevers and constant sweats (changing the sheets twice a day!), so its been a exhausting week. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon and I can get my drawing-mojo back!