Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Long time no see!

A lot of things have happened over the summer. Hopefully I can catch up at some time, but seems best to me just to jump straight back in.

Monday I gave the caravan living room a good clean, Dysoned the floor, tidied up all the papers and general odds and sods and put clothes away. Ended up so tired that I couldn't get outside with the tripod and camera to take photos of the (almost full) moon rising. Ah well, there will be other moonrises, hopefully.

Yesterday morning I re-arranged the computer and the table, so that the room is more of a living area and less of an office and general dumping ground. If I were in Liverpool I would have been at Chris's funeral. But I'm in Abersoch, so decided to at least join in spirit.

About 15 minutes before midday I lit four candles and some Barbados Dunes incense, and had a ciggie - Chris was a smoker, so I think he'd have liked that. I shut down the computer and switched everything off at the mains so that there was no distracting high pitched hum. Opened the door so I could hear the outside, the bird calls and wingbeats.

At midday I stood for 2 minutes in silence, and tried to send my thoughts and love to everyone at the funeral. Then I sat watching the birds feeding through the open door - great tit and sparrows. And the robin came down for some crumbs. After half an hour I broke silence with some music - Buena Vista Social Club. Somehow felt the right one to play of the four CDs I have here with me.

Around tea time I went round the back of the caravan to take the chain off the gas cylinders in case it should be raining when the gas man called. I stepped round the back of the shed to find that the last passion flower of the year had opened. Felt like a sign of hope to me. I watched the mist on the hills, then the summit of Snowden reared up, floating above the low hills on a billowing cloud layer.

Heavy rain drumming on the caravan roof overnight woke me several times. This morning began very still, damp underfoot, but a lovely dawn. I went out in the field in my nightie to take photos of it, despite the chill in the air it wasn't too uncomfortable as the wind was so light.

I'm the only resident in a field with 12 caravans, and there isn't anyone resident on the nearby site either... Mind you, it's a very fetching apple green vintage nightie with a print of bunches of red, pink and blue flowers, was tempted to wear it as a dress in the summer! So not ashamed to be seen in it.

I sat and watched the sea lighten to a milky white, with a single yacht motoring slowly across the bay. Behind Pwllheli the mist rolled down the valleys, the trees rising ghostly from the fields with the white fret around their feet. The cloud base finally rose enough that the summit of Snowdon showed, mist overspilling the valleys below, silhouetting the nearer hills.

Today is one of those days for just sitting and watching the changing cloudscape and the light on the sea. And (3.30pm) the rainbow and heavy squall drenching me when I leaped out the caravan to take photos!


Josephine said...

So glad to see your back, didn't know what happened to you ;)
I wish I could seclude myself in a caravan, overlooking the sea, and allow me to ponder the world....

john said...

Ah, so you are there ! Jolly good and how nice to think you're esconced in the cara and by the sea ---luverly. Good to have you back

nappyfever said...

I'm selectively blog-spamming you. I hope you don't mind too much.

Your pictures are very nice.

I hope you feel good at the moment.

Please come and see nappyfever. No one has in ages. Its a lonely blogging existence.

Jude said...

Good to see you back with your cheery descriptive post.

Robyn said...

Hi Maggie,

It's been a long time since you posted on your blog. I notice that there is even spam comments here that you haven't cleared away. Are you OK?

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