Monday, May 12, 2008

International ME/CFS Awareness Day 2008

Blogging for ME/CFS Awareness 2008

Denise Vella

M.E Awareness 2008 in Malta

This year one of the youngest M.E sufferers and members of our email support group, Denise Vella, will be taking care of raising and creating awareness about M.E in Malta.

The last 3 years have been difficult for Denise because she did not accept her condition fully. As a result her relationships with friends and teachers were strained due to the fact that she did not explain what she was feeling and her friends thought they were being rude if they asked.

So as this year she is attending a new school (Sixth Form), she has decided to start afresh. On her first day at school she spoke out about her different needs, what she could manage to do and what she couldn't. She was surprised by the students' and teachers' response.

Taking heart, she decided to do the Systems of Knowledge* project (a very important academic project) about pushing for ME Awareness. This entails a lot of energy and work on her part as you can imagine. Financial support was difficult to find however a generous anonymous sponsor has answered Denise' plea and offered to help.

Mr Brian Grech, the photographer chosen for both the poster and the leaflet came up with the idea of using Denise for the poster. Her parents are presently distributing Awareness posters and leaflets in hospitals, clinics, schools and where ever will make a difference to our cause.

ME Sufferers Malta

* Systems of Knowledge is taken at post-secondary level of education (16-18 year-olds) and covers a wide area of Knowledge (interdisciplinary). It also includes a project - the topic of which must be dealt with in an analytic, descriptive and reflective manner. Unless students pass this exam/assessment at the end of sixth form, they will not be able to enter the University of Malta.

Many thanks to Rebecca of ME Sufferers Malta for this information about Systems of Knowledge in Malta.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Off to Cambridge

Windfarm and Hilbre Island

View from Spindrift Court, 27 April 2008

We intended to travel to London and stay with Sarah for the weekend, but John has had food poisoning the last few days. He has recovered enough for us to travel to Cambridge today, so that we can attend the MERUK New Horizons 2008 Conference tomorrow. I'm so looking forward to it, it's years since I went to a conference.

I spoke to Dr Neil Abbot early last week when I telephoned to pay for the conference. He told me that there are about 130 people booked, and that someone from the MRC is coming. Lets hope that they do actually turn up!

Better pop off now and finish packing!


View from Spindrift Court, 26 April 2008

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