Sunday, April 20, 2008

Royal Society of Medicine CFS Conference, Monday 28 April

We're struggling on here in Liverpool at the moment, life enhanced by a visit from my favourite visitor again - it's always lovely to have Brodie cat staying with us.

Too much happening to catch up just now, but my friend Suzy has asked me to post this on my blog to help publicise the campaign to send postcards to the Royal Society of Medicine to protest about their conference on CFS that happens near the end of this month.

"On a Postcard, please" Campaign. Have you sent yours in, yet?

Suzy Chapman has asked me to remind you that there's still time to send a postcard to the Royal Society of Medicine in protest against their forthcoming "CFS" conference, on Monday 28 April, in London.

The conference claims to be taking a "a broad look at chronic fatigue syndrome" but Professors Simon Wessely and Peter D White were members of the RSM's Conference Planning Committee and the speakers are mostly drawn from psychiatric/psychological backgrounds.

The line-up includes Profs Simon Wessely (KCL), Peter White (BARTS, PACE), Matthew Hotopf, Rona Moss-Morris (CBT/GET), Chris Dowrick (FINE Trials) and Dr Anthony Cleare (IoP) and the session chairs include Professor Mansel Aylward (Unum Provident Centre for Disability) and Richard Baker (NICE).

Read what the national UK ME organisations are saying about this conference here

For the address to send your postcard and a copy of the Campaign Flyer go here.

For a copy of the RSM CFS Conference Programme go here.

It's not long, now. Please let the RSM know what you think!

Sunday, April 06, 2008


It's snowing quite hard. Quite a surprise after the sunshine for the Grand National at Aintree. It was forecast, but we mostly don't get snow here in Liverpool.

One of the horses I bet on came in second - beat one of John's bets at the end. So we think I'll be about even on my bets, and John won't have lost much. Sunshiney day and it's fun to watch the big race if you have a small bet on it. We had a bottle of champagne to toast our luck!

More news when more time!